Keto Almond Rochers (10 Nos)

12 pieces/box

Rs. 299
Rs. 299
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Who is it for?
Festivals in India are happy times with lots of love, gifts, and good food. Especially sweets! But if you’re on a carb-restricted or ketogenic diet or suffering from diabetes or any other condition which requires you to watch what you eat, you probably find yourself troubled with tempting sweets all around. Which you sadly can't have. Our Festive Sweet Boxes are the delicious answer to your problems. Wholesome, healthy sweets filled with flavor and just a touch of uniqueness, they are the perfect gift for you, your entire family and friends to enjoy!

Why is it different?
To keep up with the merry festivals which happen in our country every year, we have taken the most loved Indian sweets and given them a special twist, making them healthier and more delicious. Crafted with premium ingredients keeping your health in mind, each bite will create a literal festival of flavors in your mouth!

Why should I buy it?
We all know how difficult it is to stay away from yummy sweets during festivals when you or your families are pursuing any kind of diet. Trust us, keeping a loved one's health in mind is the best gift you can give them during such times.

How does it work?
Preorder your sweet boxes. After a quick confirmation, you're freshly prepared sweets will be shipped to you within 2-3 days. Download the Grow Fit app to chat with a nutritionist, and plan the best route to your health goals.


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