The New You Programme and Meal Kit

Grow Chef’s The New You Programme is a 6-day regimen with a diet plan and a meal kit: pre-mixed ingredients and recipes that guide you through a week of healthy, delicious meals. Just open your meal kit and cook as per instructions. Savour quinoa, glass noodles, high-protein dosa and soups in the comfort of your home. The best part is stepping on the weighing machine after a week of eating delicious meals, you’ll be in for a pleasant surprise. The kit is based on Low Glycemic Index High Fibre (LGHF) principles. LGHF was formulated with the idea of giving high-quality foods and ingredients which help you stay full naturally. We include a higher amount of fibre and adequate protein, thereby slowing down the release of energy from nutrition and it's consequent absorption through the gut wall. The slower your food is digested, the longer it lasts in the bloodstream, the less hungry you feel and naturally, the fewer calories you will eat. In this diet protocol, while the portions are certainly controlled, we provide sufficient calories to keep you feeling full without overeating.   BREAKFAST
  • Chocolate Chia Oats Parfait
  • Grow Chef Quinoa Dosa batter (dry mix)
  • Power Fruit Smoothie (a meal replacement smoothie mix which can be blended with a fruit of your choice to make a healthy meal)
  • Channa Idli batter (dry mix)
Vegetables of your choice for accompaniment can be sourced locally. Nutritional information is as follows: Energy ……...300 - 475 Kcal Protein……….18 - 25 g CHO………….10 - 70 g Fat…………….5 - 25 g Fibre………….10 -15 g   MID-MORNING SNACK   LUNCH The cereals like wheat are replaced with quinoa and low-GI  lentils.
  • Grow Chef Roti flour made with a mix of lentils, almond flour and quinoa. The roti flour is a premix with which you make a roti
  • Paleo Naan mix which includes almond meal and makes a chewy, satisfying naan
This is recommended for lunch and dinner on some days. You can make a vegetable accompaniment of your choice. On other days, there is CauliRice for lunch (shredded cauliflower replacing the rice and made into apulao with choice of vegetables), or the foxtail millet, seitan mix (gluten isolate for protein) and vegetable pulao. The nutritional information of lunch is as follows : Energy……..360 - 390 Kcal Protein ……..15 - 20 g CHO………..19 - 25 g Fiber ………. 6 - 11g Fat………….19 g   MID-AFTERNOON SNACK Here, there are pre-made soup packs in dehydrated form. Just add hot water for a refreshing snack.  Nutritional information: Energy………150 Kcal Protein……....5 g CHO………...10g Fiber ……….5 g Fat…………..2 g   DINNER The plan includes low-GI Grow Chef Rotis or Brown rice (sourced locally ), wheat protein, veggies pulao/biriyani, or glass noodles made of potato starch (resistant CHO) seitan and veggies of your choice (sourced locally). Nutritional information: Energy….. 360-430 Kcal Protein…..20 - 40 g CHO ……..15 - 30 g Fiber……...6 - 10 g Fat………..5 - 20 g   WHOLE PACKAGE MEAL PLAN
Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6
Breakfast Grow Chocolate Chia Parfait Grow Protein Dosa with Chutney Channa Idli Power Mocha Smoothie Grow Chef Power Breakfast Grow Chef Fruit Smoothie
Snack Premixed fruits with chia seeds Watermelon with chia seeds Muskmelon with chia seeds Chia Golgappa Power Drink Buttermilk with Chia Seeds Grow Chef Electrolyte Power Drink
Lunch Millets Biriyani with raita Paleo Naan with Mushroom Curry Seitan Almond Salad CauliRice Biriyani Grow Chef Roti with Paneer Mushroom Sabzi Grow Chef Roti with Bhindi Sabzi
Snack Grow Chef Power Cup Soup Grow Chef Power Cup Soup Grow Chef Power Cup Soup Grow Chef Power Cup Soup Grow Chef Power Cup Soup Grow Chef Power Cup Soup
Dinner Grow Chef Roti with Tofu Eggplant Curry Seitan Brown Fried Rice Paneer Wrap Paleo Naan with Palak Paneer Seitan Glass Noodles Pindi Chole Wrap
  The programme is priced at Rs. 2,199 per week.