The lean machine program,
your go to diet for weight loss

for sustained weight loss and fitness

For those looking to lose weight, get fit and manage their weight
We bring to you, the lean machine diet plan!

What Lean Machine has in it for you ?

No exercise needed

Lose weight, minus the exercise regime

No more hunger pangs

keep your appetite under control

Delicious food

Yummy food, with the goodness of health

Expert advice

A nutritionist helps you throughout the journey

Your Regular Food
  • High intake of carbs
  • Increase in blood glucose level
  • Spike in insulin
  • Carbs converted to fats and stored in the body
  • Weight Gain
Grow Fit's Low Carb Meal
  • Low intake of carbs, high intake of fat
  • No increase in blood glucose level
  • No spike in insulin
  • Absence of carb as source of energy
  • Liver converts fats to ketone bodies - only alternate source of energy to brain
  • Ketone bodies accelerate weight loss
  • Slimmer, healthier you!

Here’s what life looks like on the Grow Fit Diet

During this diet, you’ll enjoy great-tasting Grow Fit meals, plus snacks made from lean
proteins, veggies and healthy fats.

You’ll add in whole grains, more vegetables and delicious Grow Fit Snacks.
Check out a sample day below!


Slow Carb Rolled Oat Breakfast
View Breakfast Options

Morning snack

Almond keto dark chocolate bar

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Ultra low carb veggie/chicken burrito

Side salad, kokum strawberry drink and keto dessert

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Afternoon snack

Flax almond cracker

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Ultra low carb mozzarella base veggie/chicken pizza

Side salad, activated charcoal drink and keto dessert

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Peanut butter smoothie

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How will I receive my meal?

We deliver fresh meals to your doorstep every day! You will receive an exciting new meal, made fresh in our in house kitchen.

Who can I reach out to for any support?

For any questions, queries and help you can reach out to our nutritionists via the Grow Fit app. Your nutrition expert will understand your goals and work with you every step of the way to ensure your goals are met. P.S. - Our experts have some great tips and tricks to help you achieve your goal.

What if I have allergies?

When you sign up for our subscription, all you need to do is inform us about your allergies and dislikes and we’ll prepare food for you accordingly!

What will I get in a one week subscription?

You will get deliciously healthy food everyday! A 1 week subscription gives you 7 lunches, 14 snacks and supplements, 7 diners and a power smoothie with every meal. It’s a great deal, we know!

Why should I choose this over a regular meal?

We believe in a Low Carb High Fat diet to enhance weight loss. Under this diet, your carb intake is limited to less than 40 grams of a carbs in a day which we monitor by using our very own low carb flours. Our meals are loaded with healthy fats and lean proteins, along with prebiotics and probiotics to boost digestion and metabolism.

Ratio of nutrients to
build lean muscle

Carb -

Fat -

Protein -