Let's kick start your journey to
Good Health.Your Way.

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How it works?

Grow Fit and Portea are here to help. While Portea nurses you back to health, our specially prepared meals help you heal from within. With the right nutrition, you can regain your strength faster, and get back to living a healthy life. Because nothing should keep you away from life for too long!

  • Comprehensive assessment by Portea Nutrition experts
  • Personalized one to one coaching
  • Customized calorie counted Diet Plans
  • Range of healthy food/meals by Get grow.

Grow Fit health products

Stay Fit meal program

Ideal for those recovering from prolonged or severe illness, our Stay Fit meal program provides you with essential nutrition in the form of delicious food. Simply grab a spoon, and eat your way to better health VIEW COLLECTION
Lean Machine meal program

Great for those looking to manage diabetes, PCOS, obesity, and several other ailments, the Lean Machine program offers delicious low-carb meals which help regulate your blood sugar and battle insulin resistance. VIEW COLLECTION

Need to keep your health and immunity up while balancing work? We understand what you need. Our corporate meals are delivered right to your desk, and offer wholesome, nutritious meals that help manage your weight and your overall health. VIEW COLLECTION