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A New Way of Getting Fit

The current system wasn’t built for the realities of being you.

So we’re changing the game.

What’s Behind The Scenes
  • Get customized health plans
  • Enroll in Exclusive Fitness Program
  • Chat with Expert Dieticians
  • Get Instant Results

All About Your Goals

Save for a down payment on a house. Retire like a boss. Build wealth just because. Whatever your goal is, we’ll give you a customized portfolio to help you nail it.

Who says Heathy Food is boring?

We break the myth with our delicious and wholesome meals.

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We support your lifestyle

Vegan? Jain? Halal?. We will cater to all your food requirements. Unexpected travel? Life getting in the way? No worries.. We got your back.

International hygiene standards

Our ISO:22000 certified kitchen is helmed by a 5-star chef. We painstakingly adhere to international standards of quality.

Complimentary nutritional support

With each product, you also get a free consultation with an expert nutritionist, to ensure that your achieve your health goals.

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Super Specific, Totally Realistic

You Tell Us Your Fitness Goal

I want to reduce 5 KG in a week.

I do not have time to manage my food intake calorie.

We Create & Manage Your Food Portfolio
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  • Managed Carb
  • Managed Fat
  • Managed Vitamins and Protien Intake
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About us
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Fitness by Food.

Over 300 million Indians are at risk of lifestyle disease and have nowhere to turn to for support. Grow Fit prevents lifestyle disease through a combination of data science, medical science and behavioural insights. Grow Fit believes in empowering Indians to prevent and even reverse lifestyle disease by addressing its root causes - nutrition, mental wellness, stress, sleep and activity through a combination of expert advice and nutrition delivered to your doorstep.

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The Numbers

Get Grow Fit Programme

Programme 1


Ultra Low Carb, Moderate Protien

As low as Rs 330

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Programme 2


Low Fat, High Protien, High Fibre

As low as Rs 200

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Get a Nutritional consultation from India's best nutrition experts around the clock.

Get a Nutritional consultation from India's best nutrition experts around the clock.