The evolution of our food habits over the past few decades has caused a massive spike in lifestyle diseases. Obesity, diabetes, PCOS, fatty liver… each one can be traced to a single culprit -- excessive carbohydrate intake. Spiking insulin levels and storing themselves as body fat, carbohydrates managed to sneak into our diets and wreak havoc on our health.

The Lean Machine Keto Program was designed to correct and reverse this disturbing trend. By reducing carbohydrate intake and increasing the amount of healthy fats you consume, the Lean Machine Keto Program helps normalise insulin sensitivity, manage & reverse diabetes and fatty liver, and even aids rapid, healthy weight loss. As a bonus, your skin and hair will look amazing, too!


A 1-week subscription provides you with 7 lunches, complete with snacks and beverages, with a different gourmet menu each day


A 1-week subscription provides you with 7 dinners, complete with snacks and beverages, with a different gourmet menu each day.


Served with the previous day’s dinner, this breakfast replacement beverage is low-carb and high-fibre, to start your day right.

The Science Behind The Program

The Lean Machine Keto Program is not a fad diet. Backed by decades of nutritional and medical research, it is a dietary lifestyle that has been proven to improve health on various parameters. Here at Grow Fit too, the meal program is designed in tandem by doctors, nutritionists, chefs, and food technologists, to ensure every single meal, snack, and drink, delivers maximum nutrition with equivalent flavour.
Still sceptical? The Lean Machine Keto Program is also backed and endorsed by Manipal Nutrition. Because that’s how seriously we take your nutrition!
Before I tried Grow Fit's Lean Machine plan, I never thought I could stick to a "diet". I love my food way too much. But then, it's hard to feel like you're on a diet when most of your meals are covered in butter and cheese -- and genuinely delicious! I feel like I've uncovered the Holy Grail -- being able to eat yummy food, while actually losing weight!
Chitra Balachandran
Blogger - The Bellyrina Diaries
Before starting Grow Fit's program, I used to run 100m in 12.1-12.2 sec. Now I manage in 11.6-11.7 sec. To cut down a fraction of a second usually takes years of training, but the right nutrition helped me do it in mere months!
Varsha Rohit
National Level Sprinter

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