Meet Grow Fit's Meal Delivery Programs

Join thousands of Grow Fit customers and win at health. Our scientifically-designed programs are painstakingly crafted to drive results in your health and fitness levels . Chat with our nutritionists to determine the best plan for you or choose one for yourself. We make and deliver the food to your home or office - all you have to do is enjoy our service. It's that simple. #EatSmart. Get started now -

The Stay Fit Program

A truly transformational approach to health and vitality.

  • High in fibre, with a balanced ratio of carbs, fats and proteins.
  • The Stay Fit Diet helps you tone up and make the most of your workout.
  • See visible changes in 1-2 weeks.
  • Ideal for people who want to eat healthy but are not looking for drastic changes.

The Lean Machine Program

Our flagship and most popular program.

  • At under 50 g carbs a day, this program adheres to the low-carb high fat ( LCHF) protocol.
  • Requires strict adherence but has rapid payoff.
  • See changes in days.
  • Ideal for people who are willing to make significant changes to their diet.

Stay Fit Program

Lean Machine Program

Starts at 1960/week 2310/week
Ideal for Sustained change Accelerated change
Time to change 10+ days 3 days
Minutes of exercise needed Moderate exercise required No exercise required
Adherence required Relaxed Strict
Scientific Basis Mediterranean LCHF
Flavours Familiar Exotic
Athletic boost Muscle Endurance
Change to physique Stronger muscles Flatter stomach
Persona Everything in moderation Seize the day !
Changes Improved energy, Better sleep, Gut health, Improved lipid profile, increased muscle, Reduced body fat, improved blood sugar levels, Better skin All the benefits of the stay fit diet in a rapidly accelerated timeframe.

How It Works


Depending on your health goal, choose the diet that works best for you.

Choose Your Meal

Let us take care of you all day long with breakfast, lunch and dinner, or choose whatever combination of meals suits your lifestyle.


Once you have chosen your plan, connect with an expert who will be your partner throughout this journey and would ensure that you meet all your health goals.


Inform your expert of your start date and meals will be delivered to your door with love.


Ready-to-eat meals at your fingertips — absolutely no shopping, prepping, or cooking needed. Dazzle your family and friends with amazing results.


Check Incredible Meal Delivery Programs From Grow Fit!

More Indians are getting conscious about their diet choices and fitness goals, and that’s a great trend! Of course, majority of them are office-going people, who have desk-manning jobs to manage and multiple other priorities. No wonder, there’s no time to focus on each meal! Welcome to Grow Fit – The preferred choice for diet food delivery Bangalore! Our community has been increasing faster than ever, and we have designed a range of diet programs that are backed by science and years of research. In short, we are pushing you to do better as far as fitness and health goals are concerned!

What to expect from Grow Fit’s food delivery plans?

Grow Fit swears by the concept of #eatsmart, and for that, we have introduced three amazing plans for our customers in Bangalore. There’s our Corporate Thali plan, which is meant to replace your junk food and pizza at work, while our Stay Fit Program is meant for those who want to maintain a healthy lifestyle. If you are trying to reduce inches on your waist, our Lean Machine Program is designed for you. Each of these plans have been crafted after considering the love for desi food. We recommend our customers to talk to one of our fitness experts and nutritional consultants to know the best choice for them!

Here’s why you need our diet plans

Fitness is all about what you eat and how you exercise. Grow Fit appreciates the growing concern and awareness about fitness and diet, but at the same time, we also recognize the bumpers that come it between your efforts. We have introduced diet food delivery Bangalore with the intention of helping people with their specific fitness goals. Each plan is designed for a part of the population, keeping their immediate and long-term lifestyle needs in mind. Apart from improved energy, better digestion and energy, our diet plans are designed to promote good sleep and can help people who have bad lipid profiles or high BMI.

We also recommend our Stay Fit and Lean Machine Program for anyone who has been dealing with weight issues and are unable to follow an exercise plan due to the lack of time. Select the plan that fits you, and our Ready-to-eat meals will be at your doorstep or office desk on time. Plan the change – Call for diet food delivery Bangalore now! Grow Fit team is always around to inspire and suggest things as needed!
3Good reasons to try Grow Fit today.
Why Our Food is Different
1Nutritionally Designed For Results

Each meal contains an optimally portioned balance of hydrating, nutrient-rich produce, healthy fats, proteins and whole grains. The result? System-wide benefits including brighter, younger-looking skin, extra energy, better moods, and your best body ever.

2Highest Quality Ingredients on Earth

We source freshly produced as well as potent superfood ingredients from around India. The result is food that delivers the maximum level of nourishment to your body.

3Chef-Crafted Recipes

Eating clean should be fun! We don’t believe in sacrificing flavor at the expense of wellness so we work with renowned culinary artists to innovate creative, delicious meals that are unlike anything you’ll find elsewhere.