Grow Fit's celebrity of the month April 2017

Parineeti Chopra
We have come across numerous success stories of incredible body transformations in Bollywood over the years and one such story is that of the abundantly talented Parineeti Chopra. Her weight loss journey is nothing short of an inspiration, and losing weight has implications which are far beyond just gaining a great body, as testified by Parineeti herself - “Getting fitter is just like getting a new haircut. It changes the way you look, and also changes your outlook towards a lot of things in life. You start to feel amazing and it's hard to feel depressed.”

So, what are you waiting for? Would you like a diet to help achieve what Parineeti has? At Grow Fit, we had our expert nutritionists create one for you! It’s extremely important to remember that your diet accounts for around 80% of the weight-loss results you want to achieve, with 20% being your workouts. So, try out one of the packages we have to offer you and much like Parineeti herself, you too can start the journey to look and feel like a million bucks!

How it works?


You will get 2 weeks of expert nutritionist counselling

Nutritional consultation

Chat with our wellness experts, who are trained to help customize a unique solution for you.


Food packages will be delivered to your address

Slow Carb Rolled Oat Breakfasts

This healthy whole grain lowers cholesterol, burns fat resulting in weight-loss and a flat tummy. Start your day with our rolled oats.

Ancient Grain Low Carb Atta

A source of complete protein whilst being low in carbohydrates, ancient grains are grains that are largely unchanged over the last several hundred years and are better because they don’t need fertilizers and pesticides.

High Fiber Oats Cookies

Made from rolled oats and whole wheat, this high fiber cookie melts in your mouth. Not to forget - this is an egg-free cookie!


How do I burn fat?

If you're trying to lose body fat, long bouts of high-intensity cardio are not a great method. For energy, your body breaks down carbs first, then muscle, and then body fat. Once your carbs are used up, your body instantly wants to use that hard-earned muscle for energy. To burn fat, try to stay at 60 percent of your max heart rate. That should be sufficient for fat burn without costing you muscle mass.
Also, don't eat carbs before bed. That way your body doesn't go for them while you sleep. Your muscles recover and grow while you're at rest—but they need energy to do it. If you don't eat carbs, your body will use body fat to fuel your recovery.

How important is it to get adequate sleep?

We're all busy, but we're tearing down our muscles when we're in the gym or on our feet all day. They need time to recover and rebuild.
So make sure you schedule time to sleep and relax. That way, the next time you go to the gym, you're able to commit max energy, and your muscles are better prepared for battle.

How important are liquids for someone looking to lose weight?

Liquids are easier and faster to digest, giving your body more time and energy for growing and recovering. If you're not already eating mostly liquid food, then ease your way into it. Changing your eating habits overnight and going from one extreme to the other won't be effective.

What’s all the fuss about post-workout nutrition?

The gym is where we demand the growth. The kitchen is where we provide the supply. This is Body Economics 101. A post-workout meal (preferably liquid) is essential for growth. Your muscles will soak up those nutrients like a sponge.
That 45-minute post-workout window can mean the difference between a good and great physique.

Should I keep long term goals or take each day as it comes?

Military forces know that to win the war, they first have to win smaller battles. If your sole focus is a long-term goal or what your body should look like, you'll fail. Instead, find the value in the daily battles. It can be tough laying bricks, but a building doesn't stand unless each brick is in place. Believe you have what it takes to get the job done.
You may not even realize what you've achieved, but if you take a moment to reflect on what you've accomplished, you'll find both short- and long-term success.That 45-minute post-workout window can mean the difference between a good and great physique.

Just how important is my diet if I’m already sweating it out in the gym?

Imagine this - it's right after a workout and you have two meal choices: a scrumptious looking burger or a boring-to-look-at salad. Tempting to grab that burger, right? You could eat it, but how will you feel about it later? That burger might taste good now, but making the less attractive choice of a salad would have supported your workout and helped you commit to a better nutrition plan.
The trick is to see past the meal and think about what that food is doing to your body. In the nutritional war of life, your choices have enormous consequences.

Why is it important for me to plan my meals ahead of time?

Busy people don't fail on purpose; they fail because they didn't plan. If you don't plan and prepare your meals ahead of time, pulling into any fast food drive through becomes the easy way out. If you succumb, you've ruined your progress. You've cheated.