Ancient Grain Low Carb Atta

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A new flour, with the wisdom of ages

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Rs. 1,650
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  • Diabetic friendly
  • Weight loss
  • PCOS Friendly
  • Low Carb
  • High Protein

This product is -

  • Diabetic friendly
  • Weight loss
  • PCOS Friendly
  • Low Carb
  • High Protein


Who is it for?
This atta is perfect for vegans or vegetarians looking to increase their protein intake. Also if you’re into organic foods, this is the best flour you’ll find!

Why should I buy it?
The Ancient Grain Low Carb Atta is low in carbs and high in protein, making it a great substitute for your regular flour if you’re on a low carb diet. It contains quinoa, amaranth, bamboo seeds and emmer wheat to give you that extra boost of protein. Quinoa is a complete protein which contains all nine amino acids, while amaranth seeds are easily digestible and are a rich source of protein and calcium. Apart from this, we also add micro nutrients like Vitamin B-complex, Vitamin A, Vitamin D, calcium, magnesium and iron. So the real question is, why shouldn’t you buy it?

Why should I make the switch?
Our Ancient Grain Low Carb Atta is created from scratch without the use of pesticides or chemicals. The handpicked grains are then milled together and created freshly in our own kitchen. We add isolated wheat protein to ensure your protein intake remains high. This Ancient Grain Low Carb Atta also contains chicory root extract as it is the best source of natural fibre called inulin, which aids in gut health. If you’re a vegan or vegetarian looking to increase your daily protein intake, this is the flour to switch to.

What’s more?
Grow Fit brings great choices for a healthy life! Buy our Ancient Grain Low Carb Atta and get a free diet chart and additional nutritional consultation from the best nutritionists and dieticians in India.

How do I use it?

Replace your regular roti atta with Grow Fit’s Ancient Grain Low Carb Atta Use hot water for kneading

Allow dough to sit for 10 minutes before rolling

Suitable for making rotis, parathas, cakes, pancakes and more

Shelf life : 3 months

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