Your FREE Navratri diet, on us!

  Order our healthy meals now Navratra_Thali_new Follow this Balanced Meal during Navratri and be healthy . Meal provides Calories - 1300 Kcals Protein- 30 grams (9%) Fat- 50 grams (34 %) Carbohydrates- 184 grams (57 %) Early morning 3-4 Almonds (soaked overnight in water) Breakast 1 cup tea 1 katori roasted Makhana/1 bowl rajgeera (amarnath)/sago porridge Mid Morning 1 glass fruit juice or coconut water Lunch 2 rajgeera or kuttu roti 1 katori curd or 1 bowl samai (millet) 1 katori curd or 1 bowl sago khichdi 1 katori curd or Paneer tikki with 1 katori curd Evening 1 cup tea 1 rajgeera bhakri/1 fistful nuts/roasted makhana/sago chiwda/crispy arbi (colocassia) Mid evening 1 bowl fruit salad Dinner 2-3 rajgeera tikki with 1 katori curd or 1 bowl samai kheer with nuts/makhana or 1 bowl paneer kheer or Same as lunch Bed time 1 cup milk or 1 bowl fruit smoothie or 1 bowl rajgeera kheer or Red pumpkin kheer <!--nextpage--> Note: Consume Cow’s skimmed milk Use 3 tsps oil for cooking, avoid deep fried food So there you have it, a healthy diet with well-balanced calories, completely Indian diet helps keep weight in check as the oncoming deluge of sweets and chocolates await us.

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