Unleash Your Inner Circus Artist

Working out can get boring. The same old push-ups, squats, planks, yada yada. Plus it's pretty much useless in the real world. Unlikely that someone will spot you to raise 250 lbs. or require you to perform a plank. What you need is to bring the circus to your workouts. No, not clowning around, just challenging your body while making working out fun. Slacklining: This exercise is basically tightrope walking. Fortunately, the rope is just a few inches off the ground. Do it for a stronger core. Image titled Walk a Slackline Step 10 Pogo Sticking: Yes, this is an exercise. It's great for people who want to work on their back, core and legs. Yes, you heard right - pogo-stick your way to a bubble butt. You can get one on Snapdeal for under Rs. 2,000.
Circus Yoga: Not for the faint-hearted or shy. Circus Yoga is an acrobatic version of the usual staid poses, often performed with a partner. No helmet required, just faith in your partner's strong quads and personal hygiene.
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