There is No More Food…



That statement is not as unreal as it seems today.

There is an alarm that has been sounded off due to climate change. It has to do with one of our most basic needs- Food. Our food system, agriculture, and supply chain around it, is under a huge threat due to the changing climate. Forces of nature are changing as we see with frequent floods, snow in the desert, famine in the world’s’ wettest spot Cherrapunji. It’s as real as you and I are.

If it’s affecting our environment, it’s affecting us. It’s affecting you and me and it’s not going away or resolving itself, however fervently we pray for it too, or hope for it.

Food security is one of the biggest issues of climate change.

To meet the ever increasing demand of the growing population, agriculture and food systems need to adapt to the adverse effects of climate change and become more resilient, productive and sustainable. This is the only way that we can ensure the well-being of ecosystems and rural populations and reduce emissions. Growing food in a sustainable way means adopting practices that produce more with less in the same area of land and use natural resources wisely.

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