The Single-Most Important Weight-Loss Ingredient


What should I eat to lose weight? It’s a question anyone who is overweight tends to ask. There are a million answers. But scientific data seems to have zeroed in on one specific ingredient that helps most people lose the most weight!

Read on to find out what that ingredient is…

The Research:

The creators of the MyFitnessPal app, which tracks your fitness goals and progress, analysed data from their users in 2015 and made a startling discovery. All of the users who had come within 5% of their desired weight loss goal were eating more of one thing in common. Fibre. Lots of fibre. 30% more fibre than the average user, in fact.


Why Fibre?

Fibre is incredibly important for your diet – it makes you feel fuller longer and it controls your blood sugar levels while keeping your cravings under control. All in all, it helps you lose weight more efficiently.

The average person doesn’t eat enough fibre to begin with. The recommended daily intake of fibre is about 30g. Most people don’t come CLOSE to this number.


They also found that people who lost the most weight had been eating fewer grains (-18.7%), less bread (-9.6%), cereals (-20%) and pastas (-12.75%). This seems to reflect the popular trend to eat fewer carbohydrates.



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  • Vikram Rao
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