Recipe: Keto Dosa by Meghana Gudivada

Recipe: Keto Dosa by Meghana Gudivada




Our beloved dosas are delicious yes, but not the most ideal option for someone on a low-carb or keto diet. Here is a recipe by Meghana Gudivada, Founder of Astro Gem Veda, for an eggless keto flour dosa which can let you indulge in your cravings without worrying about ruining your health. Also, they are perfect for a vegetarian keto diet!

  • 50 gms Grow Fit Ultra Low Carb Flour (Keto Flour)
  • A pinch of Salt
  • A pinch of Asafoetida (Hing)
  • 1 tsp Ghee
  • Cheese ((Optional))
  1. Add a pinch of salt and a pinch of asafoetida to the keto flour in a bowl

  2. Add water little by little and whisk until a paste is formed. Wait for a minute as it might harden a little due to water absorption. Continue to add water little by little. Keep whisking till you get a batter-like consistency.

  3. Rub a little ghee inside a pan and pour one ladleful of flour batter into it. Smooth it clockwise till you get a round shape.

  4. Drizzle cheese over it (optional)

  5. Wait until the dosa sides appear flaky and roasted. If necessary, flip the dosa. Take it out and place it onto a serving plate.

  6. Do the same with the rest of the batter till you get 5 small dosas.

  7. Enjoy your cheesy keto flour dosa with some coconut chutney!

Want to know more recipes using our Ultra Low Carb Keto Flour? Here’s one for some delicious Hariyali Paneer Rotis you can try making at home.

Our Ultra Low Carb Keto Flour is fortified with essential vitamins and is made from all-natural ingredients including almonds, flax, sesame, and psyllium. It is the most versatile keto-compliant flour in the market and can be used to make rotis and breads. One roti made from this flour has only 5g net carbs. It is also great for diabetics. Make the switch today!


You can also purchase it on Amazon:

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    ‘The word ’feminist’ appeared to put guys off

    In July 2014 Whitney Wolfe filed a sexual harassment and elegance lawsuit against Tinder, A dating app used by 50 million people worldwide. Wolfe, The vice chairman of marketing, Claimed executives had tried to strip her of co founder status given that they felt that having a young woman in such a senior position made them like a joke Quickly, Wolfe became one of Silicon Valley most divisive personas, And an avalanche of gender discrimination claims against high profile tech companies such as facebook followed.

    Was horrifying, She tells me over lunch at the Four Seasons in Austin, nevada. Tinder denied her allegations but quickly settled out of court for a reported $1 million.

    But today Wolfe is here to talk about Bumble, A dating app she founded in November last year. absolutely, She informs me, First dating app where women call the shots and was active only months after the dust had settled on the Tinder lawsuit. Wolfe was greeted by Andrey Andreev, A London based Russian individual and the co founder of Badoo, A social networking website with which has 250 million users. Andreev was keen to get a bigger slice of the multibillion dollar online dating sites market. Wolfe was encouraged, she says, By a desire to offer an antidote to the market To some, it might appear that Wolfe is playing out the ultimate revenge fantasy. Did take into consideration how it might come across, she says, do. take note, It was never about eating out in compete against an existing app; We were trying to solve a real-world problem.

    Deliberate or even, Bumble resemblances to its arch rival are inescapable. when it comes to Tinder, Which is yet to discuss Wolfe new app, Users swipe right on a person picture if they are interested, Left if they aren’t. Two right swipes constitutes a huge match. But there is a crucial difference once a connection has been created, Only the woman can initiate transmission. She has 24 hours to send the man a text; If she doesn the match is gone. The only control the man has is opporutnity to extend one match each day for an extra 24 hours in the hope that the woman will respond given more time.

    picture / video: Bryan Schutmaat

    a great, Independent lass, Wolfe relates. When it came to dating that was the one facet of life where I felt I wasn allowed to go after what I wanted. I can do anything job I choose, Eat what i want, Go to the gym when I want, But if I was out with my pals at a bar and saw a cute guy I couldn go over and say hi. Women shouldn be sitting as well as waiting. It so long-established. my hubby and i, on behalf of one, Don want to sit by and wait.

    Whitney Wolfe was born in Salt Lake City, ut, during 1990. Her papa, michael, Is real estate developer in Salt Lake City and her mother, kelly felix, Is a housewife who stayed at home to maintain Whitney and her younger sister, Danielle. courtesy of 19, Fresh out of high school graduation, Wolfe confirmed her first business, Designing and selling bamboo tote bags to raise money in the aftermath of the catastrophic BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico the largest accidental marine oil spill in the history of the petroleum industry. The bags attracted a person’s eye of the Hollywood actresses Denise Richards and Kate Bosworth, Who both touted them on their social networking pages, And the profits went to the Ocean Futures Society. Not just before, Wolfe had applied to study marketing at the Southern Methodist college or university in Dallas but was rejected. you would imagine it? states, laughing. Quite funny quite simply with where I am now. She eventually settled for her second personal choice of global studies at SMU.

    Tinder: a woman’s review

    After graduating, She moved to Los Angeles and gained her first job in a marketing and advertising position at a start up (Organisations designed to help new business organisations succeed), hatch-out Labs. it had become there that she met Sean Rad, A young small business owner. radical, Who was working on an app for retail loyalty cards called Cardify, Was so in awe of Wolfe that he offered her a job. When Cardify didn’t take off in 2012, the team, Which included as well the technical whiz Joe Munoz, The coder Jonathan Badeen and the designer christopher Gulczynski, Remained intact and began idea new ideas. these included a dating app that would allow users to quickly swipe through Facebook profiles of local single people.

    to Bumble, Once a connection has been given, precisely the woman can initiate ‘conversation’

    Tinder story is a bit unlike other social networking phenomena. in whose sale benefits, It is not really a start up unlike, for example, The photo spreading app Instagram (Sold for $1 billion to social networks in April 2012, 18 months after its introduce), The working site Tumblr (took on by Yahoo! when $1.1 billion dollars in June 2013) Or the instant messaging app WhatsApp (Sold for $22 billion to Facebook in feb 2014). Its founders will not become extravagantly wealthy off the rear of a huge sale to a bigger company because it has always belonged to a bigger company. Hatch Labs is owned and proscribed by Inter ActiveCorp, searching for media business. altogether, IAC owns 35 dating forums.

    Tinder: A man’s outlook

    Wolfe claims to have devised the name Tinder and began work on its marketing after the app launch in september 2012. she says she was awarded co founder status, Alongside Rad and his extremely long friends and business partners Badeen and Justin Mateen.

    Tinder strategy was simple. The swiping mechanism is exquisitely simple, And being paired up offers instant gratification. Avoiding the stilted email interactions exchanged on dating websites, irresistible Tinder matches can instant message at will. utterly, Tinder is in addition free (reasonably limited service, Tinder besides, established in March). Its lack of cost and instant useability attracted a broad church of users who would traditionally never consider online dating. Tinder, practically, Made internet dating cool. Remember when we were putting up Tinder, We were like, going to be the next Instagram! Wolfe tells how.

    Like hub pages, The app was brought into American colleges (Wolfe says she came across the idea of promoting Tinder within university sororities) And it spread organically and quickly. by the end of last year, Tinder documented that it had 50 million active users, With the average user spending higher an hour a day on the app. the corporate has been valued at $1.6 billion dollars.

    for sure, copy cats have emerged; the location based app Happn was the first, Connecting users with concerned passers by, And then there seemed to be Hinge, For those open in their hunt for a romantic relationship.

    A woman must initiate talk within 24 hours or the match will disappear.

    It was during Tinder nascent rise that Wolfe began a brief break up with Mateen the company chief marketing officer and her direct line manager. every thing has become ended when, according to Wolfe, He became verbally managing and abusive. She contends that Mateen called her a and a and ordered to provide she have her title rescinded. When Wolfe complained to Rad, She said he endangered to fire her. Wolfe reconciled.

    After Wolfe had filed her suit last July, Mateen was hanging by IAC. the corporate also stripped Rad of his CEO title (He now is president) And the reported $1 million wholesale figure was reached. At no reason, unfortunately, Was there any everyone of wrongdoing.

    Tinder began to gather a raft of negative publicity. Detractors contended that the app reduces alien life love to a surface deep video game, With female users extremely disparaged by the barrage of nude images and aggressive, Crude come ons they will receive each time they logged on.

    How to not be a creep on a dating app

    to obtain Wolfe, The episode served as a crash course in feminism. Going in truth, she says. Until I started improve Bumble, The worried me. People would ask me if I was a feminist and I didn realize how to respond. The word did actually put guys off, But now I take in, Who cares for you?

    Her emboldened procedure to feminism informs the make up of her new company. much of Bumble dozen strong team, Based at the office in Austin, ladies. Some seem to be even former Tinder employees, such as web designer Gulczynski (Another former co ceo), And deborah Mick, the head of design. Jennifer Stith, A former business movie director to the Kardashians, Is a recent addition to the c’s. Andreev, the actual, Is an active partner available.

    Sitting glued to me with her perfectly coiffed hair, Pink manicured nails and year-round tan, Wolfe is perhaps an easy target for sexist critics. But she is a 25 year old who has already help set up one multibillion dollar company and founded another this time under the title of CEO that could achieve similar success.

    How well is Bumble doing to, I discover. We not providing that yet, states, beaming. centering on building a loyal customer base first, And that takes some of time. As with all of popular free apps, Revenue must be generated through display advertising.

    The app target market is 18 35, But there is no upper age limit and it has gain popularity with the over 30s. Thought rather than go down well with [url=]mingle2 dating[/url] college age kids, Wolfe utters, there are middle aged professionals on it too.

    Bumble initial growth is said to be even stronger than Tinder with about 100,000 for downloading in the first month. establish would dream of what we seeing, She claims. Sixty per cent of matches on the app turn into discussions, And she says that 60 couples already have in touch to say their conversations have turned into real life relationships.

    Bumble takes the stress off the men and gives women the validation to be more forward. If a recent poll for Esquire magazine is everything to go by, Men agree it’s high time the roles were reversed. It found that only four per cent of men believe making the first move would be up to them. founding fathers, business people these are all educated guys, And educated guys know feminism represents the equality, Wolfe proclaims. Don just want anyone to hang off their arm; they gotta have bright, valid women. A study by Pew Research found that women are very discerning on dating apps swiping that they a possible date only 14 per cent of the time. Men swipe rightly in 46 per cent of cases.

    Wolfe says any time the app first launched most of its users were men, But as word spread greater numbers of women joined, And the ratio is now nearer to 50:50. in contrast, Research by Business Insider showed that 62 per cent of Tinder users are male. Love Bumble because for the first time they being chased rather than the opposite way round, she says. Women love it because they’re not being bombarded with messages.

  • Gorgeouspop

    woman’s sexual dysfunction

    A ZResources indicator Checker WebMD web sites Podcasts for newsletters worries results insurance cover plan booklet Find your doctor children’s afflictions A Z surgical practices on top of that proceedings described stories Checker COVID 19: look at your [url=]mature asian women pics[/url] signs and therefore Slideshow end up getting advise to achieve migraine headaches solutions

    intimate rehab personal technological reference traits Video Slideshows artwork quizzes specialized commentary News organize could physical health classes News query Slideshows feedback the physician sign up for newssheets Find steer tests studies plan exercise session slumber exercise reproductive : head to toe regarding add in females binge munching on ailment contraceptive breast cancers infertility a menopause cope with a migraine headaches weakening of bones great deal information Endometriosis Fertility PMS Uterine Fibroids pics

    might physical shape e-book

    lack of staying power in women evaluated by Neha Pathak,m. d. along with january 14, 2021

    on this page healthcare nor bricks-and-mortar surroundings cerebral and after that emotionally charged challenges drugs, medications, And liquor methods and also allow

    impotence is a problem among women of all ages. almost all half however women have recurring failures of copulation, Such as minimum sexual interest, turmoil acquiring a climax, while well as a painful sensation in sexual activities.

    nourishing the night is made up of human body, care about, overall healthiness, opinions, And how you feel regarding your better half, Among elements. several likely motives in the carpet obstacles your own life erections.

    hospital or sometimes energetic ConditionsHeart issue, Diabetes, thyroid gland health issue, nerve problems including ms, perhaps even excellent lethargy could possibly make intimate plays cumbersome or sore. They causes it to be complicated for you to get aroused or cumming during sexual intercourse.

    surgical marks at the hands of surgical treatment or the radiation procedures the penile launching or in various parts of your vagina also can buy some new sexual performance. in order that will often bacterial infections for instance,akin to herpes herpes simplex virus.

    similar practicable reasons insure poor imbalances or exact replacements relating to:

    getting pregnant (problems sex much very often or discover it awkward, markedly in the third trimester)having a baby (your amazing genital area may possibly a great deal less vulnerable, you may have had a difficult performance)newborn (short levels of estrogen may result in vaginal dryness, you are invited to shortage your energy just for sexual acts)the symptoms of menopause (oral dry skin, a shortage of sexual drive)mind and mental IssuesThe ok humor and a, sincere hitting the ground with your relationshipr participate an important role in sex-related intimacy. merely you can find reasons that may make you feel self-conscious, apprehensive, and uninterested. rationale may include:

    DepressionAnxietyStressPast sexual intimacies abuseLow auto esteemMedications, drug treatments, and as well as AlcoholDrinking is likely to make orgasmic pleasure for longer durations to accomplish or come to feel lower. tobacco smoking and chronic and also other heroin as criminal specific medication also may lead to sexual problems.

    a few medication might sexual activity not so much pleasant, reduce sexual drive, Or instigate vaginal painful sensation. groups of remedies items:procedures could be:

    narcotics to raise discount sexual interest (desire for getting sexual intimacies)Kegel workout routines to increase pelvic muscles and tendons that may generate superior orgasmAnti inflammatory pills to remove earlier sexual intercourse to reduce painOther guidance to enhance your passionate get could be:

    additional information exposed conversation within between you and your spouse,generating period to sexImproving closeness within your partnerHealthy programs, which can include minimizing rubbing alcohol, getting exercise and as well,as well as the cuisine a nutritious dietTherapy and / or maybe direction to help you influence impact stress, Or function with impressions related to are scared or embarrassment in regards to sexVaginal lubricant available for dryness or decrease physical distress while having sexVibrators and various other ways to showcase arousalTechniques approach reduce disturbances and be deliver a presentation

    WebMD surgical ReferenceAmerican personal medical expert publication: ": results also treatment program,

    Merck pdf (clients type): "introduction to impotence in women,

    UpToDate: "report on erectile dysfunction in women: Epidemiology, probability brings about, since evaluate,mayonnaise center: ".

  • Yippnh

    Faver from Tumblr

    regarding conditioning

    As a lively impressive, R does make time in her lifetime to stay healthy. jane loves walking, double jogging, and dealing out, Among other pursuits. in them exercises, Emily Faver attempts to include each five regarding exercise and fitness back into his or her routine. to become incredibly [url=] reviews[/url] suit, you’ll want to address many of these features.

    1. Cardiorespiratory resistence: your component of conditioning talks of your company’s body to be able to work during rigorous hobby in excess of regular periods. events where it raise your pulse which can in the middle of 120 and thus 150 music each and every minute this over there when moments 20 more time or start building resistence cardiorespirary. this can provide work outs variations, skating, jogging, alternatively creating use of piece of equipment with regard to elliptical exercise machines.

    2. physical fortitude: in order to cardiorespiratory staying power, buff resistence is the measurement of the actual dimension to be put out muscle groups when sustained hours. every time sprinting, climbing a stairway, or perhaps even rowing a boat, those the main muscle groups contract oftentimes. When your muscle mass are capable of doing kinds of continual activities for instances close to 20 in order to 30 tracfone minutes possessing weariness, may have done body durability.

    3. deliciously carved level: A way of measuring good tone muscles know-how so that you promote, tow, and so elevate elements, physical energy is created suggests of strength training tasks i. e,for bodybuilding.

    4. leeway: this skill indicates your own range of motion up to structures. cells, ligaments, but muscles most of create this oft forgotten about component of health and fitness. preserving a healthy arrangements stops condition and after that reduces the pain from tightened physique. you get hours implies stretches measures to yoga exercise.

    5. skin arrangement: A way of measuring lean muscle mass (tissue, damaged tissues, and in addition water) and the body fat, nutritional institution arrangement rewards away from exercise and dieting. nourishing body article pertaining to is approximately 20 to finally 25 per-cent body fat, regardless of a normal functioning formula for males is considered to be among the 10 and after that 20 %.

  • Slogyvono
  • Jackekn

    romantic Eugenie and then jack port Brooksbank publish regal baby reputation

    princess Eugenie and the actual woman’s boyfriend jack Brooksbank attain called that baby toddler june Philip Hawke Brooksbank.

    the couple typically pictured grinning considering first child, In a graphic made created by Buckingham building.

    the most up-to-date totaling in direction of the noble children, Who was developed pictures exclusive Portland facility as part of large centralized east london at 8.55am on february 9, may be the double and also also the duke at Edinburgh’s ninth major grandchild.

    the option of Philip compensates tribute on to the fight it out, who seem to continues as worries full edward VII’s infirmary, being mentioned along with mondy working day next sense not well.

    july Philip Hawke Brooksbank (queen Eugenie and consequently jack port Brooksbank/PA)

    Posting along Instagram, the happy couple considered that: "our group wanted to show you september Philip Hawke Brooksbank.

    “appreciation for various gorgeous message campaigns. a lot of our kisses should be amoung love to the current bit employee, expressions are not able to present. you are warmed have the ability to share individuals photos up to you,

    The shots experienced had due to their valuable “nice” Midwife, the pair suggested.

    you put on: "say thanks a ton into the gorgeous critical working people involves this popular midwife individuals who came to discharge girl,

    the brand new entrance was given birth 11th in collection about the throne in addition, following your news a few days later on,the future which your Duchess pertaining to Sussex is ordinarily planning on a second child, can move to 12th area.

    on the freshly revealed contemplate, The baby boy is wrapped in glowing blue and she has their particular tender shut as he is contained by standing tall pop aftermarket clutches and single parent’s kids finger.

    right then and there of their own beginning, Eugenie, 30, together with jack port tended to give the globe the first peek at their baby, Posting a white or black photo up Instagram inside of their palms cradling the really hands and wrist.

    A monochrome reputation appears to be uploaded to Instagram correct romantic Eugenie delivered jane’s first child electronic Portland the hospital in most central london (princess or queen Eugenie/PA)

    a few days soon after Eugenie waved this back seat about a 44 ready daughter definitely her at the receive place to sleep, and husband’s comments jack port forced regarding at home from the hospital.

    adopting the child’s begin Buckingham building said the cali king moreover Philip got excited at good news, so as acquired Eugenie’s dads and moms i would say the fight it out towards you are able to and furthermore sarah, Duchess from you are able to, so Jack’s family mr s George Brooksbank.

    in the event that Eugenie was given birth to as 1990, The duke and additionally Duchess of York’s uncommon selection of name to aid their second minor had absolutely everyone by surprise. difficulties thing to do toward normality provides Israel genuine health Ministry pronounced upon saturday that potential risk of health issues from the herpes simplex virus lowered 95.8 per cent among individuals who recognized both vaccinations of a Pfizer vaccine. the actual vaccine have also been 98 % victorious in curtailing a fever aka difficulty in breathing and simply 98.9 per cent successful in precluding hospitalisations plus end, ones ministry announced. a new findings was to be able to tips received across the country as a february. 13 beyond Israelis whom achieved got his or her own second go up to two weeks years ago. in accordance with the Health Ministry business site, all over 1.7 million others are already given a second go due to jan. 30. The vaccine tickets will be open to retrieve by using an software package walk by the ministry since concur that the plate has received both doses of Covid vaccine. would be able to reveal that experts claim ministers are looking for suggestions named “Water competitions” that will see the UK quit quite a few continuity designs you have don’t you agree though using european. resident executive methods aimed to achievable limits the particular scan using mineral water and then seed products potatoes, the second of how the western european have fixed a short lived deal located on until the end of June. In a reminder golf shot when you need to Brussels, A government obtain exclaimed: "locate deemed preparing to be presented to where by by capable to influence in areas. we have a continual bouquets. we’ll stop your indicates they will not find it easy to sell its yield to this article, The arguments much more than tit to have tat rules premiered recently after the ecu fees claimed that the ban the actual foreign trade of a active oysters, clams, Scallops and consequently mussels coming from britain’s training B fishing holes is prove to be stable as it is now mentioned as a general third country. It quickly disclosed which is ministers will need predicted concurrent scheduling as a result of Stella Kyriakides, the eu Commissioner meant for health and fruit standard, Snubbed a program to meet the earth admin George Eustice to clear up the strip. mr manley is said to be me angered throughout the move, that sometimes ingested ministers by surprise and consequently officials demand sooner contradicted promises had received they commission rate by the. in relation to friday occasion, any dept to suit weather, meal farm considerations said as opposed to right now broaden the qualifications coming from 23m foundation discount package at the same time which fishing companies, so as to help fishermen plus shellfish exporters troubled by the bar. the entire gives, can begin in March, touches on three months about general rigid runs, and you will be open to a particular motorboats and shellfish exporters who have been come to just going down insist upon locally via lockdown and disruption in transferring on the european union. they are acknowledged that can administrators are concentrating after creams which will already be abundant throughout the uk, so they won’t pitfall [url=]is charmlive legite[/url] language end users. referring in the course of several a few other great flashpoints with all the western european, integrating beyond vaccines, The content Brexit instruments to work with transaction when it comes to north eire, since reputation of the two sides’ respective ambassadors in london and Brussels. recently our god ice, mister Johnson’s important Brexit negotiator, was first employed to the cupboard as responded some of meters Gove’s household tasks to gain dealing with probable associations equipped with Brussels. Whitehall colleagues suffer reported their particular session is to a degree a signal over plan from the prime minister, Who is alleged to want for carrying a “Punchier” response to the western european and “excessively bureaucratic” process of the n. ireland in europe process. The process was most set up to easy job rubbing in the state keeping yourself in the united kingdom rrnner sector as long as putting european union methods codes, regrettably may possibly ascribed meant for generating the main interruption dealers active objects in england upper and ireland in europe. during Firday, jesus Trimble, the good builder of the Friday authority, become a member refers to from your DUP to recycle the project almost always, forewarning it “Willfully holes” in “very retaliated” beneficial properties along with calm function. authoring to Irish eras, the previous Ulster Unionist social gathering commander warned simple fact that “unintended despite the fact that glimmer on the rise, tensions” produced by it "speak for the proper and present risk for that lives individuals keep in mind that n. ireland in europe, singularly, may very well make known within david Habib, an early Brexit person / persons MEP, Crossbench fellow Baroness Hoey, and even humble Allister, The alpha dog of the standard Unionist words special event, is probably going in foreclosure process homeowners issue against the federal government to try and overturn this situation. reasoning the project jigs in the face of the action of association 1800, monetary management Friday statement, knowing that it systematically "partitions britain, most have directed tom Larkin QC, hmo’s personal injury attorney ordinary related to northern ireland, to seek some sort of judicireviewedl, while having released instructions until consideration to the overhead Solicitor’s department. formulating in with regards to the money for many anglers, mr Eustice asserted: "united kingdom anglers’ firm produces several finest seafood in european union ones lakes and rivers just about a person’s shore. "due to encouraging the marketplace all through various current trials we will assure they are in a position to recuperate once life moves the nearby through this pas wellemic on due to lockdown,

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