Protein On A Vegetarian Diet : Are You Eating Enough?


If you’ve been reading anything at all about getting fit and losing weight, the word ‘protein’ is likely to have popped up several times. In all likelihood, it has been in the context of huge jars of whey isolate, and buff bodybuilders guzzling their beloved shakes. While it is definitely a vital part of a bodybuilding regimen, what about for the average Joe (or Jolene)? How much protein do they need?

Bowl of Dal | Vegetarian Protein | Grow Fit Blog

You’re probably thinking, “Oh, I don’t need protein supplements. I eat a healthy diet. Plus, I eat plenty of dal, so I’m all good on the protein front.”

The truth, however? The average vegetarian diet is severely protein-deficient!

We’ve all been taught in school that dal (lentils) and other pulses are great sources of protein, and that consuming a healthy amount of it is all our body needs. This is not a very accurate picture. For instance, an average 75-kilo male would require a daily protein intake of about 165gm. In comparison, a cup of dal (lentils) contains only about 18gm of protein. Curd, another food often crowned ‘high protein’, has only about 8g per 250ml.

Curd | Vegetarian Protein | Grow Fit Blog

Another factor we often ignore, is that these foods are not pure protein — they also contain a great deal of carbohydrates and fats. This is important, because no matter the composition of food, its consumption is still calorie-based. So while you may be tempted to increase your intake of dal and curd to match your requirements, remember that this would also multiply your daily calorie intake. For those looking to lose weight through increased protein intake, that ends up being counterproductive.

Before you start worrying that we’re about to try and convince you to start eating meat, rest assured that your dietary preferences are something we would never interfere with. And no, you don’t have to start chugging supplement-filled shakes every chance you get. We do, however, have a solution that could dramatically increase your protein intake, without changing your daily meals too much.

After a great deal of painstaking research, we’ve developed a specialty flour, designed to address the protein deficit that so many Indians face. Packed with only natural ingredients, while containing slow-release carbohydrates and plenty of fibre, this flour makes a great addition to your health regimen. Simply make your favourite rotis, breads, or even cookies using this in place of maida or atta, and you can considerably amplify your daily protein intake. For instance, 2 medium-sized rotis made from this flour contain as much as 18gm protein — that’s as much as a cup of dal, but without the carbs! What’s more, the high fibre content aids in digestion, too.

High Protein Flour | Vegetarian Protein | Grow Fit Blog

The secret lies in science, and fine ingredients. Where most flours are carb-heavy owing to being milled from wheat, our High Protein Flour is made of all-natural ingredients including amaranth, jackfruit, flax seeds, and many more delightful components that pack a power-punch, while keeping your blood sugar and your gut healthy.

So give your health a little flour power. Simply changing one ingredient can make a huge difference to your nutrition! 

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