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Stop the presses! India now has a national dish! The humble khichdi, considered by many a food that you only resort to when sick, has now been placed upon a pedestal and given the respect it truly deserves. But what’s all the fuss about?

Khichdi is an Indian dish that could well be considered an heirloom. The recipe has remained largely unchanged over centuries, and you’ll find a variant of it in kitchens across the country. Comprised mainly of rice and lentils, khichdi offers a simple, easy-to-digest meal that includes nearly all the nutrients you need.

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For starters, khichdi provides a complete protein profile similar to eggs, in that it contains all essential amino acids. Rice and lentils work in glorious harmony, each providing the amino acids that the other lacks. The two key ingredients do, however, contain considerably more carbohydrates than an egg would. But don’t fret yet, because you can still make versions of khichdi that are slow carb, and even keto-friendly! Check our blog for recipes by our amazing chef.

But none of this science is new to India. For generations now, khichdi has been the go-to meal when we feel ill or our digestion is compromised. It is even commonly used to wean babies to solid food. When in a rush (or simply no mood to cook), it’s also an easy one-pot recipe. And of course, it makes great comfort food!

There’s far more to khichdi though. Because of its complete protein profile and easy digestion, it also makes a fantastic post-workout meal. What’s more, since neither rice nor lentils contain gluten, it’s a great meal for those with gluten sensitivity. And for vegetarians, it’s a godsend — a complete, vegetarian protein source.

This deceptively “simple” dish, with over 20 variants across the country, offers more nutrition than most complex recipes today.

Do you think khichdi rightly deserves the title of ‘National Dish’? Leave us a comment with your opinion!

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