Keto FAQs: Part Three

Keto FAQs: Part Three


We’re back with the third installment of Keto FAQs with Dr. Vinay Bhardwaj, MD and Head of R&D at Grow Fit. The Doc answers a burning question on Grow Fit ketogenic health products once and for all with a whole lot of science and information.

FAQ 9: You are a lot more expensive than other low carb and keto products in the market. Why should I spend so much on your products? 

Doc: I think when it comes to doing a diet as complicated as a ketogenic diet and doing it right the first time, a lot of planning and engineering has to go into the food. I am strongly against the lazy keto type person who thinks all they need to do is eat cheese and bacon. A ketogenic diet fundamentally alters your metabolism in several important ways – you start using sodium differently, you start sparing potassium differently, your magnesium and calcium demand goes up, your vitamin demand goes up. In the keto flu phase, your demand for alpha lipoic acid and carnitine go up as new mitochondria are being made.

It is a diet which effects various important parts of your body’s metabolism and you do not want to do it wrong. From what we see in most products that people commercially make, they are very good at taking the carbs out but not very good about understanding why they are taking the carbs out. For example, a lot of keto products that we come across, the number of carbs may be very low, but they are still using things like wheat, jowar, and other insulin-demanding grains. So the engineering is wrong there as it is not just about restricting carbohydrates but it is also about taking out the things that cause insulin secretion.

Another thing is, what kinds of fats are being put into the product? A lot of people make ketogenic products like vegetable chips, but they’ll still fry those chips in palm oil which is rich in omega-6 and pro-inflammatory.

When we (Grow Fit) formulate our bars and smoothies, we use oils like MCT (medium chain triglyceride) oil which is derived from coconut oil, we use olive oil and ghee to cook our food and we also freeze dry it. In that way, the type of fat we are using is also far more superior to other products. When it comes to protein, we are obsessive when it comes to the engineering of the types of proteins we are putting into our food. For instance, on a keto diet, one of the things you want to try and decrease is IGF-1 (Insulin-like Growth Factor) signaling and another enzyme complex called mTOR (a protein complex that functions as a nutrient/energy/redox sensor and controls protein synthesis). We found that methionine-poor diets are more effective in downregulating these enzymes and improving the ketogenic diet in general.

Keto FAQs: Part Three | Ketogenic Diet Facts | Grow Fit Blog

So we not only give you protein, we also give you the right amount of protein. We’re also careful about selecting methionine-poor and leucine-rich amino acids in the analysis that when you are eating the food, your body is getting the ketogenic amino acids that are needed to generate ketones.

Lastly, we do a lot of vitamin supplementation and fortification into the foods. Your body uses electrolytes differently and needs more of it during a ketogenic diet and so we add more electrolytes, vitamins and alpha-lipoic acids into the food, all in an effort to get the person to transition into the ketogenic state more effectively and maintain it more easily.

So why are we more expensive? It’s because we actually want to do things right. It’s not just about following this lazy thing of keeping the carbs low. Our job is to demonstrate a diet that is sustainable for the average person over a long period of time and make the diet as effective as possible for the goals that they want. And so, we engineer the keto diet in such a way as to maximize ketone levels. The precision engineering and ingredients required (such as MCT oil) to do that are more expensive and difficult to source. I think all of that adds up to why this is a more expensive diet with more expensive products.

Grow Fit foods are designed to be holistically effective and not just low carb. They are designed to maximize ketone levels in your body, while also maintaining and improving overall health.

If you have any more questions regarding the keto diet, send them to and Dr. Vinay will personally answer you.

Now that you are armed with all the information you need about going on a keto diet, why not give it a try? The Doc’s told you about its benefits, so now it’s time to put it into action! Subscribe to our Lean Machine Keto Meal Subscription and within 7 days, you can observe rapid, healthy weight loss, stabilization of blood sugar levels, reversal of fatty liver, and improved energy. Not to mention glowing skin and lustrous hair.


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