Keto FAQs: Part Four

Keto FAQs: Part Four


Myths about ketogenic diets are something you should always hear with a pinch of salt. You never know which one is actually true and which can potentially be fatal if followed. Luckily we have Dr. Vinay Bhardwaj, MD and Head of R&D at Grow Fit with us to dispel some of these keto myths with scientific facts. Let’s look at a few below.

FAQ10: I’ve heard that the keto diet should only be followed for a few months, not more. Is that true? 

Doc: Well, a well-formulated ketogenic diet is one of the few diets that have been studied in clinical populations for years. There was a study done in Belgium and another in the USA where people followed it up to 5 years, on a day to day basis in a state of ketosis, and they came out of it just fine. So there isn’t any evidence to support that following a well-formulated keto diet is in any way unhealthy in the long run. But it depends on why you are sticking to it. It is definitely a more difficult diet to follow, and it is not recommended that you willy-nilly go into the keto diet and come out again because you’re having a pizza dinner with friends the next night. You have to be very careful using this diet and if you are going to be on it, it is a good idea to stick to it for a decent length of time. In particular, we normally tell people that if you are going to be in a state of ketosis for about 2 months, it is a good idea to take about one week of ‘”carb-refeeding” break where we give you complex carbs. As part of our Lean Machine Keto Meal Subscription, we normally cycle people out of ketosis every two months.

We’re doing that mostly because, in the ketogenic diet, we are giving you a lot more zinc and magnesium and other multivitamins added into the food and at times you want to not give a large amount of these vitamins, you want to allow them to wash out of the diet. So we find that cycling the diet every two months is a good way to go.

But again there is no evidence which states that a ketogenic diet is dangerous in the long run.

FAQ11: What about once I stop keto and eat normal food again? Will all the weight come back?

Doc: This is actually a really common question. It depends on what you think of as normal. If you are seeking a change in diet, that means there is probably something wrong with what you’ve been eating so far. So if that is your normal food, then I don’t want you to go back to that, I don’t want you to go back to the behaviors that got you unhealthy in the first place. So the keto diet is not a diet which once you quit will keep you healthy in perpetuity. You have to live the keto lifestyle if you want to see continued benefits.

But you do see some overarching long-term benefits that allow a person to come to a more normal diet. Let me rephrase. There is a way to reintroduce carbohydrates into your life in a controlled manner if you are smart about picking the right kind of carbs. Since this is a low-carb diet and that’s what most people are worried about – how would I reintroduce carbs? Once a person has gotten their desired health status like weight loss or glycemic control, we start choosing which carbs they can reintroduce into their diet. In any meal where we are reintroducing complex carbs, like millet or sweet potatoes, we would consequently bring down the fat content in that meal. So when we start reintroducing carbs, we also start weaning back on the fat a little bit.

Keto FAQs: Part Four | Ketogenic Diet Facts | Grow Fit Blog

The ideal mixture of complex carbs and healthy fats for a person so that they maintain their weight is an individual thing. Some people do very well with reintroducing millets and potatoes and nothing else. Beyond that, if they start eating bread, their weight starts coming back on. Other people do very well with eating bread once the diet is over, they just eat a lot less of it.

Depending on how you want to reintroduce carbs, what kinds of carbs you are reintroducing, it is possible to maintain the weight loss after a keto diet. But if you want the other cognitive and metabolic benefits of being in ketosis, the you have to stick to the lifestyle 24/7.

If you have more questions on how to live a ketogenic lifestyle, write to us at and the Doc will answer you! Subscribe to our Lean Machine Keto Meal Subscription and within 7 days, you can observe rapid, healthy weight loss, stabilization of blood sugar levels, reversal of fatty liver, and improved energy. Not to mention glowing skin and lustrous hair.


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