Guess what? Fasting improves your health!


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Fasting right and scientifically can give you great skin, hair and toned body. And who doesn’t want that? I do! I learnt of the benefits of fasting from my grandma, who said she learnt from hers, who I guess learnt from hers! When it comes to good health, no one knows more about good healthy habits than our lovable grandmas! And today, come to think of it, she seems to know a thing or two about Facebook logins too! And Google is her friend for all things new.

Truth be told, our scriptures have laid down extensive guidelines about healthy living and food habits for good health and long life. We follow these guidelines cause mommy said or cause that’s how its done or well, cause “its old wisdom, must be true”. On digging deeper though I learnt that there is a scientific rationale behind fasting. It’s simple and easy to follow through.

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