We are ready to welcome the monsoon after this miserable summer heat. But monsoons bring health risks. Our body is more susceptible to health issues in rainy season. Our body gets easily affected with allergies, infections, indigestion problems so here are some healthy foods you must try this monsoon.

Tea (herbal)
Monsoons bring bacterial and fungal infections, it’s best to consume herbal hot tea with ginger, lemon, cardamom etc as these ingredients can help prevent infections. You can now try any one of these and enjoy the rainy season!


Hot Soups
Soup is a great way to get nutrition from vegetables, but it is also a great way to keep you away from flu. Instead of drinking ready to eat soups, you could make some at home, like a simple tomato soup, lemon coriander soup, broccoli almond, mix vegetable etc.

Few garlic cloves in your soups or curries, will help you stay fit and give you the ability to fight viral infections during monsoon.


Vegetables and fruits
You need to have a large amount of vegetables in your diet as the nutrient and antioxidants can drive out oxidants from your body. Thus, it is preferable for you to have healthy vegetables and that too in an adequate amount when the monsoons arrive. Avoid raw vegetables, instead have soup and curries made out of these vegetables.
No matter what season it is, including fruits in your daily diet is a must. During Monsoon, it becomes all the more important to ensure you are eating enough fruits. Some fruits which are rich in nutrients and only available during Monsoon are Jamun, cherries and peaches!

Our immunity is low during the monsoon, and so is our digestion. To ensure that your digestive system works fine during the season of rain, you can include cumin seeds and fenugreek in your diet. These magical herbs help in your digestion and let you stay away from all those annoying digestive issues.
Turmeric is well known for its anti-inflammatory properties. Try including it in your food, and you can even add it with hot milk and drink every night.


Dry food
It’s better to opt for dry food during the rainy season, as fungal infection and bacteria can grow pretty fast in the wet food items. You can consume food such as oats, chickpea, corn etc during monsoons to keep yourself healthy and sound throughout the season.

Boiled Water
Never drink water during the monsoon season that is not boiled, as boiling helps killing the germs and bacteria growing inside the water.

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