Fat Myths Busted!

Myth: Eating fat will make you fat. Fact: Eating fat could make you slim down.  Yes, surprising as this sounds, eating fat could actually help you slim down when combined with the low-carb or ketogenic approach. The trick is in getting your body to stop being addicted to carbohydrates and do the hard work of burning fats. If you're confused, it's understandable! The food industry has been using low-fat as a marketing tag to get you to buy more. Watch Dr. Bhardwaj explain the role of fats. And it's not what you think! Fats are the much-maligned villain who may turn out to be the hero after all! :-)   [embed]https://youtu.be/r4w6co1RKmw[/embed] Learn how:
  • Low-fat foods might lead your body to convert carbs into fat
  • Fats play a key role in suppressing appetite
  • Low-fat diets may reduce your metabolic rate
  • A low-fat diet may increase your triglycerides
  • Healthy fats are an essential component of your diet
Get your fat myths busted and get the scoop on the right diet for you. For a personal diet chart and to get your questions answered, download the Grow Fit app on Play Store or App Store.

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