Essential Checklist For a Flatter Tummy In 30 Days

shutterstock_171081977 Doesn’t everyone love a celebrity waistline? Every woman dreams of having a perfect waistline and every man of a flat tummy with defined abdominal muscles. The best part is, the secret to a flat tummy is not exactly rocket science. It just takes a lot of discipline, a little bit of hard work and this essential checklist: 1. Drink more water - Try to finish at least 3 - 4 litres of water in a day - it helps with detoxification of the body as well as in fat loss. 2. Cardio - Try to do at least 30 - 40 minutes of cardio exercises like jogging/ cycling/ swimming. 3. Toning exercises - Abdominal crunches, Planking, Butterfly twists help with abdominal toning. 4. Keeping your stomach clean - Eat a lot of fibre rich foods like raw vegetables, fruits , nuts etc to clean your bowels every day. 5. Breakfast every day - Our metabolism is the highest when we wake up and hence having a nutrient-packed breakfast is always essential to keep down hunger pangs throughout the day. 6. Early dinner - Studies say that the digestive system should get a minimum of 2 - 3 hours for breaking down the fats and carbs of your dinner before you go to sleep. Early dinners help you buy your body that time. 7. Simple dinner - Try to keep the richer items of food for the earlier parts of the day when the metabolism is high - human metabolism typically drops down post sunset so simpler the dinner, lesser the fat accumulation. 8. Good sleep - Getting a good 6 - 7 hours of sleep at the least at night helps the body to rejuvenate and keeps you more active throughout the day - lack of sleep creates more toxins in the body. 9. Limit alcohol - Alcohol contains many unnecessary calories which give no nutritive benefits - the high cortisol content of alcohol sends all those calories straight to the belly. 10. Start your day with cinnamon water - it helps give a very good metabolic surge to your body leading to better fat burning.

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shutterstock_310080710   11. Walk and talk - Whenever on phone, make it a habit to start pacing around in a corridor or on the road or terrace - the more you talk, the more you walk and more calories you burn. 12. Soup before Lunch and dinner - It helps you curb almost 20% of your total calorie intake. 13. Dark chocolate - You are going to love this one - chocolates with over 60% cocoa have a lot of flavonoid antioxidants packed in them which helps in detoxing the body - have a small piece whenever you feel the sweet tooth acting up. 14. Know your options at a restaurant - do not feel refrained from asking what exactly goes into the dish you just ordered - make sure you stick to low cheese, non-fried variety of food while at a restaurant. 15. Have egg whites - Have egg whites every day if you can. The omega 3 content of eggs helps in building muscles faster and better. 16. Cut back on salt - Salt will make your body retain more water giving it a bloaty look - stay off from packaged foods, salty namkeens and give your salt shakers a permanent hiatus. 17. Hoola your way into a flatter tummy - for those who still have a little kid trapped in you, try the hoola hoop - it is a fun way to exercise your abdominal muscles and burn that tummy fat. 18. Good posture - Do not slouch while sitting, sit straight all the time - this little habit helps you unconsciously build proper core muscles. 19. Skip the soda - Opt for coconut water, neembu pani instead this will drastically reduce the sugar content of your diet. 20. Drink buttermilk - not only is it s great source of proteins but it also aids digestion and keeps your electrolyte levels optimum. 21. Flax seeds - The are a great source of fibers and a good fat burner too - have it in powder form or munch it in between meals to keep your junk food cravings down. 22. Find a buddy - It always helps when you have another person following the same goals as you - keep motivating one another to a flatter stomach - or if you are the competitive types, find out who gets there first! 23. Get down on the household work - Yes, men and women too - and try to do it the traditional way with brooms and mops - no machines - nothing gives a better workout - and face it, everyone loves a clean house. 24. Small and frequent meals - Spread your meals throughout the day - do not eat 3 large meals, instead try for 6 - 7 small ones - this will help your body distribute fats better. 25. Meditate - High stress is one of the main factors in the modern world for high tummy fat - meditate, listen to music, or do yoga to bust the stress. Focus on following 10 of these 25 things for the next 30 days and notice your tummy getting flatter and more toned day by day!

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