Eating Hacks That’ll Help You Lose Weight Without Dieting



To lose weight is a big task for few and can be a cause of depression if positive results are not seen.

Motivation and a strong will power help reach the target goal. The fact that food would be restricted and one would be made to starve to lose those extra pounds acts as a big de-motivator. Not all can say no to their favourite food. It hence becomes very important for the healthcare experts to give proper guidance and counsel about the correct eating habits.

A few tips that can help lose weight without dieting

1. Drink plenty of water: drinking plenty of water helps keep the body hydrated. Consume warm water with honey and lime and avoid colas or sodas

2. Exercise daily: Daily 30 mins exercise is a must for the body to burn those extra calories. Start with morning brisk walk.

3. Eat fiber rich diet: Have more whole fruits and vegetables, avoid juices of any as all the fiber is lost. Fiber gives a feeling of satiety and helps reduce hunger pangs.

4. Avoid ready to eat foods: Prefer home-made food and avoid tinned or packaged food as it has sugar, fructose, glucose which increases the calorific value.

5. Avoid eating while watching TV: While watching TV there is a tendency to eat more.

6. Avoid the whites: Avoid sugar, maida, rice, potatoes as these are either starchy or rich in calories and lack fiber. These are meant to increase the sugar levels quickly in the body and which in turn is converted to fat, hence say a bye to them.

7. Sleep Properly: An adult on an average needs 7-8 hrs of sleep. A healthy sleep pattern will help keep weight under control.

8. Avoid skipping meals: One must eat small frequent meals with a gap of 2-3 hrs, fewer large meals can result in weight gain as one might tend to eat more.

9. Keep a check on the oil intake: Avoid oily food, fried food, keep a check on the monthly oil consumed. Avoid saturated fats like ghee, butter etc.

10. Include lean proteins: Proteins help build muscles and not fat. Hence, make sure the milk is skimmed. Low-fat curd, paneer are good options for vegetarians; egg whites, chicken and fish for non-vegetarians.

If weight loss is made into an easier task, the results would also be optimum.

As the saying goes Have a hyperactive foot and hypoactive fork.” Follow it for yourself and achieve the results.


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