Don’t Let Diabetes Keep You From Getting Great Skin





The most attention that doctors, friends, friends-who-are-half-doctors, and family-members-who-didn’t-become-doctors give to is how much sweet one should be eating if you are a diabetic. And the usual advice of “Karela khao”, “drumstick ke leaves khao” (“eat bitter gourd”, “eat moringa leaves”) can leave you a tad fatigued. My grandmom had this cheesy saying – where there are five people together, one or two irritating things are going to be shared. (sounds much more punchy in Hindi, so here goes: Arre beta, jahan paanch log, wahan ek do baatein theekhee toh hongee hee!)

Five people? I would reckon one friend who is a know-all is bad enough. But five is a good number for advice that can help get the better of the diabetic effect on skin.

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