30 Home Remedies to Remove Tan Completely



First things first – Why do we get tanned?

Tanning is a protective reaction of our skin to protect it from burning up. To fight UV radiation, cells called melanocytes increase the melanin pigment and push it out of the cell, where it darkens the skin. This helps reduce UV penetration to the skin.

Melanogenesis results in a delayed tan that becomes visible several hours after UV exposure. It’s the, for easier understanding, the tan which is in the lower layer of the skin and takes times to be sloughed off. In the skins’ natural cycle a tan wears off between 4- 8 weeks naturally. A little help in lightening it is always welcome, of course.

How do I get rid of the tan?

In 30 ways! We show you how! You can use a number of ingredients to lighten the tan. It’s a good idea to stay clear of chemicals as the skin is already healing and further abuse leads to more lasting damage. Going natural means you help your skin heal in the kindest way possible. Fruits, vegetables and a host of other ingredients can be used to fight tan.

Wash off all the following packs we are about to tell you of in this article by dipping your finger tips in warm water and rubbing off the pack in circular motion gently. Finish off with warm water and apply moisturizer followed by a good sunscreen.  

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