25 Simple Diet & Exercise Tips to Lose Weight at Home

shutterstock_456040840 In this world of hectic schedules and too many things to do, finding time for health is a big task in itself, isn’t it? Work hours are so odd that going to a gym is not an option. With so many housing complexes replacing the clean open spaces or gardens; and roads full of traffic and air pollution,  it is a tough task to find a nice enough place to go for a quick jog. So we thought, why not compile a list of things which you can do in the comfort of your homes to lose weight. So here are a few simple diet and exercise hacks for which all you need is a little space in your home and a little bit of determination to lose weight: 1. Spot jogging: It is a great cardio exercise and helps burn a lot of fats with minimal space required. 2. Zumba dance: With various health shows endorsing this dance form for weight loss it is not difficult to tune into one of those TV shows in the morning and workout as per their instructions. Alternately there are many videos available on youtube or in CD and DVD form too if the show timings do not suit you. 3. Yoga: If you are familiar with different yoga postures then doing them at home is easy, however, if you haven’t attended any formal classes, do not attempt yoga without supervision since a wrong posture might do more harm than good. Suryanamaskar is the most widely known form of yoga and is a very good exercise for weight loss. 4. Do not make fried munchies and sweets in bulk to store in the house: This will only test your willpower to resist those yummy snacks, always make small of amount of snacks to finish off within a day or two. This will keep your diet regime on track all the time. 5. Make non-fried snacks in bulk to eat while hungry: Snacks like roasted chivda, plain popcorn can be made in bulk and stored - having small amounts of it as mid-meal snacks keeps you full as well as healthy. 6. Out of sight, out of mind: Store all the high-calorie items like butter, Nutella, jams, heavy cream etc at the back of your fridge - the out if sight, out of mind technique works wonders for dieting. 7. Keep fresh fruits salad vegetables where they are always visible: Whether in the fridge or on the dining table - this will serve as a constant reminder for you to have them more frequently. 8. Never skip breakfast: Have a healthy and filling breakfast within 2 - 3 hours of waking up - this will keep you energetic throughout the day and keep the temptation of having junk food away. shutterstock_207335053 9. Store all the takeaway menus in the cupboard away from sight: This will keep your mind off junk and high-fat foods. 10. Have a small meal every 2 - 3 hours, even if it is just a fruit or a salad. 11. Drink plenty of water throughout the day: This will keep your skin and hair hydrated and will also help you control cravings. 12. Read healthy articles: These articles are available online, or you can subscribe to any health magazine, or you can download any app which gives fitness tips regularly. 13. Avoid drinking too much tea or coffee in a day, ESPECIALLY if you add lots of sugar in it. Many people don’t realise the unhealthy calories they consume in form of beverages like fruit juice, tea, coffee and cold drinks. Switch to green tea/coconut water instead. 14. Use less oil in cooking food: The recommendation for healthy cooking is 500 ml of oil per person per month for adults. Kids have an allowance of 1000 ml oil per child per month. Make sure your oil intake does not exceed recommendations. 15. Role models: Stick photos of your role model in fitness to the fridge it could be your favourite Bollywood actor/ actress or just someone you really find inspiring. Their photos will remind you of your fitness goals every time you go to open the fridge. 16. Mind over body: If you feel hungry, drink a glass of water and wait 15 minutes. If you still feel hungry after that then have a fruit or some of the healthy snacks you have made for yourself. Many times the body confuses thirst for hunger - the hunger pangs you are getting could be signs of dehydration too! 17. Many people eat out of boredom: If you are one of them, try to actively keep yourself occupied with something interesting during your free time - that could be reading, writing, knitting - or any hobby that you can think of. shutterstock_216201538 18. Keep your food interesting: There are many websites and apps which contain recipes for tasty weight loss foods - try one recipe every now and then to break the monotony of the same old food all the time. 19. Do not eat while watching TV: We lose track of the amount of servings and portions that we have taken when our attention is diverted to other things. Your food deserves all or most your attention when you eat. 20. Being accountable: Start a WhatsApp group with your other health conscious friends and talk about what you are doing to achieve your own goals so you can be held accountable in your fitness journey. You will come across really good tips for weight loss while you are at it. 21. Substitute high-fat foods with low-fat foods: For e.g., replace ice cream with yoghurt, flavoured corn flakes with unflavoured wheat flakes, fizzy drinks with lemon juice etc. 22. Walk short distances: If you ever need small things from local vegetable vendor or grocery shop skip the bike or car keys, walk the distance. 23. Allow yourself a cheat meal every 15-20 days: This helps in controlling cravings and motivates you to stay on the fitness track the rest of the days. However, you have to be true to yourself while you take a cheat meal. Have you really been good and sincere for that last 15-20 days? 24. Don't starve: Do not starve yourself of all food in the name of weight loss. Make sure you eat small snacks every now and then to ensure fat loss and to retain muscle proteins. 25. Talk to your dietitian: A dietitian will be able to help you plan out your food and lifestyle pattern to your comfort and help a lot in your weight loss journey. Download the Grow Fit app on Google Play or App Store today for a free consultation with our specialists.

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