20 Amazing Health Benefits of Cinnamon You Need to Know

shutterstock_369858017 Cinnamon is a tree we can use. Its parts like the bark or the leaf of the tree for various purposes. The bark of the tree can be rolled into sticks or its grounded into powder form which can be readily used. Also, the leaf and bark are steam distilled into oil. The powdered form of cinnamon is used for baking also it can be used in coffee, tea or with honey. Even the cinnamon sticks are used for cooking in Asian cusines. Cinnamon oil can be used in food processing, perfumes, medication, aroma therapy, disinfectants etc. There are two varieties of cinnamon:
  1. Ceylon
  2. Cassia cinnamon
However, Ceylon cinnamon is a better option because it contains less coumarin than Cassia. Coumarins can damage the liver if consumed in high amounts. Click on the next page to know about the 20 health benefits of Cinnamon!

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  1. Helps in diabetes
Cinnamon helps in blocking the enzyme which makes glucose readily available to be absorbed in blood. Cinnamon works direct on the muscle cell in turn forcing them to remove sugar from blood and thus it helps in treating diabetes type 2.
  1. Acts as an Antioxidant
Cinnamon has antioxidants namely : polyphenols, phenolic acid, and flavonoids. These antioxidants helps reduce oxidative stress which in turn reduces the risk of cancer, skin problems, heart related problems.
  1. Reduces Cholesterol
Cinnamon helps lowering LDL that is the bad cholesterol and increases HDL that is the good cholesterol.
  1. Makes Bones Strong
Cinnamon has calcium and manganese which helps maintain the bone health.
  1. Anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties
Cinnamon has natural anti microbial and anti bacterial properties. It fights bacterial infections and acts as immunity booster.
  1. Prevents Brain Disorders
Cinnamon has antioxidant and anti inflammatory properties which in turn reduce the effect of aging on the brain.
  1. Helps Lose Weight
Cinnamon helps lower blood sugar and increases metabolism which in turn burns calories, plus its high in fibre and low in fat so it helps us lose weight.
  1. Helps Treat Common Cold
Cinnamon has antioxidant and antibacterial property that helps treat cold by restricting the bacteria growth.
  1. Anti-inflammatory
Anti inflammatory effect of cinnamon is because of flavonoids present in it which helps in treating swelling, arthritis, muscle pain, allergy, heart problems, tumor, brain problems etc
  1. Fights Cancer
Cinnamon helps protect the DNA from damage and thus prevents tumor growth their is a compound called cinnamaldehyde present which inbits the growth of tumor . Click on the next page to find 1o more!

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  1. Manages PCOS 
Polycystic ovarian Syndrome is a condition which leads to weight gain, thin hair, pain in pelvic regions,this is due to hormone imbalance of estrogen or progesterone. Cinnamon does not eradicate PCOS but help to manage and control the risk.
  1. Acts as insect repellent
Cinnamon smell is effective in killing mosquitoes larvae and keeps away adult mosquitoes, flies, and bugs.
  1. Fights HIV
Cinnamon has anti viral properties too so it can help us fight against HIV and also increase the immunity of the person but its not the sole treatment of HIV it may help treat virus but it cannot eradicate it.
  1. Treats irritable bowel syndrome
Cinnamon helps killing the bacteria that causes IBS which is the infection in the large intestine which leads to diarrhea, stomach pain, bloating.
  1. Preservative
Cinnamon has antifungal agent eugenol which helps increase the shelf life of food by destroying fungi growth, molds and bacteria  and acts as a preservative.
  1. Combats bad odours
Cinnamon has sweet aroma which acts as a room freshner and also can be used in aromatic massage oil plus it has antibacterial properties which will kill bacteria in surroundings and make the room fresh and without germs.
  1. Anti-fungal
Cinnamon oil contains eugenol, which has anti-fungal properties so it can be applied in mouth to limit the growth of candida (yeast) growth in the mouth and digestive tract.
  1. Mood enhancer
It has a sweet spicy taste which acts as a stress reliever and mood enhancer.
  1. Helps in mouth problems
Cinnamon has antibacterial properties which helps people avoid bad breath, tooth and cavities issues or any other mouth infections.  Cinnamon is rich in calcium and vitamin A so it makes the teeth strong  it can be added in the tooth powder/paste or mouthwash as its refreshing also.
  1. Keeps skin healthy
Cinnamon has antibiotic properties which protects the skin from acne, rashes, infections and other skin problems, it also  helps in collagen formation which makes the skin look younger and improves blood circulation which indirectly improve oxygen in blood and makes skin look great. Cinnamon can be used as a body scrub or massage oil. Click on the next page to learn some tasty and healthy recipes using Cinnamon!

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Some healthy recipes using Cinnamon


Banana Cinnamon smoothie


1 cup almond milk 1 banana (small, sliced) 1/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon  1/4 cup crushed ice Method Mix together almond milk, banana, cinnamon, and crushed ice in a blender. Pours smoothie in a glass. Sprinkle with powdered cinnamon .Enjoy.

Almonds with a spicy twist


1 cup almonds  2 tablespoons honey 1 teaspoon ground cardamom 1/2 teaspoons ground cinnamon 1 pinch nutmeg 1 pinch salt Mix them all together and enjoy.   [shopify embed_type="product" shop="nutritownbygrow.myshopify.com" product_handle="grow-chef-cinnamon-almonds-power-assortment" show="all"]  

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