10 Wedding Makeup Secrets Every Bride Should Know



Brides are the cynosure of everyone’s eyes all through the wedding ceremonies and festivities. That is pressure alright! Looking flawless is easy now with the help of a stylist to help you assemble your wedding trousseau. Your best friend is, of course, the makeup artist, so choose well. She or he will add the magic needed to get you on top of the day. While she will do her magic, what is important is that your skin is a flawless canvas to begin with. So, begin taking care of it at least 6 months before the D-day.

While there are many- many to-dos for flawless make up a good makeup artist will be up-to-speed with the latest trends and techniques to get you the best results. Here is a list of makeup tips that you can discuss with your makeup artist beforehand.

1. Look 

Tanned, toned, bronzed – whichever look you decide, it’s worked best when it’s combined with the type of function, the light that will be there in the hall or outside and the style you want to carry. A tanned look in the night will not go well with an orange but will work beautifully during a day event. Doing full looks beforehand pays out beautifully.


2. Highlights

Well highlighted cheeks are a winner, hands down. Find a makeup artist who can carve out cheeks and a contoured look flawlessly. High cheek bones give definition and make for a great picture even when you are not posing for the camera.

3. Polished

Sophisticated, minimalistic looks work very well for slightly formal events like a reception or Pooja. Looking cool and minimalistic might get captured as washed out if it’s part of the D-day. This also happens as our trousseaus tend to be bright and solid colours.

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