10 Health Benefits of Kiwi Fruit You Should Know



They are approximately 3 inches long, look attractive & tastes exotic. But Kiwis are actually unique in terms of their Health Benefits!

So here is a little list which will enlighten you about the benefits of this Power Food.

1. Aids in Digestion: Kiwi has been useful in treating bowel & digestive disorder. Studies have shown that by adding Kiwi in patients’ diet, antioxidants & fibre were introduced, which in turn were able to produce anti-inflammatory results. Thus it helps to reduce complications of irritable bowel syndrome as well as inflammatory bowel disease. It also containprotein-dissolvingving enzyme called actinidain that can help to digest a meal. Also due to its high fibre content, it helps in regular bowel movement and prevents constipation.

2. Manages Blood Pressure: Kiwi is rich in lutein content which acts as potent antioxidant. Studies have suggested that this helps in lowering Blood Pressure. Being a rich source in electrolyte Potassium, it plays a major role in body cells by countering effects of sodium as well as by keeping body fluids and electrolyte in balance.

3. Helps in Weight loss: Along with enjoying the fruit you also have a benefit of losing weight! It is low in carbohydrate, rich in fibre & slows down the absorption of sugar in blood, thus reducing the chances of sugar spike & insulin rush.

4. Boosts Immunity: Kiwi has high amounts of Vitamin C & E. Vitamin C content of Kiwi is almost twice than that of an Orange. Vitamin C & E together with other anti-oxidants fight foreign organisms thus boosting immune system & fighting stress & aging. In addition to it, kiwi helps in promoting wound healing & iron absorption for healthy blood vessels, bones & teeth.

5. Fights Cardiovascular disease: Studies have shown that consuming about 2-3 Kiwis in a day for 28 days have same effects as that of aspirin for heart health thus reducing blood-clotting by 18 percent & reduce triglyceride. It has the same anti-clotting properties with no side effects.

6. Improves Skin Health: Being rich in Vitamin E an antioxidant, it helps to protect skin from degeneration. It also has a good amount of carotenoid and antioxidant lutein, which protects skin from UV light & thus works wonders for Skin.

7. Protects from DNA damage: Researchers have stated that a unique combination of antioxidants in kiwi helps to protect DNA from oxidative damage. Some of the experts have suggested that it can help to prevent cancer.

8. Suitable for controlling Blood Sugar: Kiwi has Glycemic Index of 52, and this along with high fibre content helps people who want to manage their Blood Sugar. Also since it is a source of Inositol, it helps diabetics by reducing the risk of nerve damage (neuropathy) which is a complication caused by High Blood Sugar level.

9. Prevents Eye damage: Kiwi has high levels of Zeaxanthin & Lutein, which are natural chemicals found in our eyes. So regular consumption of this fruit prevents from eye damage, especially Macular Degeneration, which is a leading cause of vision damage in older adults.

10. Protection against Respiratory disease: An average adult takes over 20,000 breaths a day, which is high in load for our respiratory system and according to some experts kiwi might be able to reduce the load. High Vitamin C content in Kiwi are been used to treat various respiratory illness. There were conclusions from two studies that this fruit enhanced Vitamin C content in the body, which in turn reduced symptoms like wheezing, head congestion, duration of sore throat, shortness of breath, chronic cough and runny nose.

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